Posh Fudge

Clotted Cream

A luxurious creamy fudge made with lashings of clotted cream. With its creamy smoothness, we like to think that this is the best creamy fudge you will ever taste, anywhere!

Double Belgian Chocolate

Our double Belgian chocolate fudge has a mouth-watering rich and velvety chocolate flavour topped with a sprinkling of white Belgian chocolate flakes.  This fudge is so posh, it’s fit for royalty!

Baileys & White Belgian Chocolate

Our classic creamy fudge infused with real Baileys Irish Cream with a generous sprinkling of white Belgian chocolate flakes.  A deliciously posh alternative to an after dinner liqueur.

Double Caramel

A delicious blend of dark and light caramel flavours.  One of The Posh Fudge Company’s best selling fudges.

Maple Syrup & Walnut

Generous handfuls of chopped walnuts infused in a smooth and creamy maple flavour fudge.  A sweet yet nutty Posh Fudge.

Cherry & Almond  

Classic creamy fudge mixed with handfuls of whole juicy cherries and crunchy chopped almonds.  An infusion of creamy flavours and crunchy textures.

Creamy Peanut Crunch 

A nutty mix of our classic creamy fudge with handfuls of delicious chopped peanuts.  A combination of posh, creamy, crunchy nuttiness!

Coconut Cream

Creamy fudge mixed with chewy coconut flakes.  Our blend of creamy chewiness and a real Posh Fudge Company favourite.

Sticky Toffee 

If you like toffee, you will love this!  A gorgeous blend of smooth and creamy fudge interspersed with chunks of sticky chewy toffee.  Yummy!

Rum & Raisin

Our own posh take on this classic fudge.  Delicious plump and juicy raisins in our creamy fudge with an overture of rum.

Chocolate & Orange Zest

A blend of our chocolate flavour fudge mixed with a refreshing tangy orange zest.

Cappuccino Cream 

An infusion of smooth creamy fudge combined with a dark and mellow coffee flavour.  A winning combination with your after dinner coffee!

Coconut Fudge Ice

Our own take on the classic British coconut ice.  A winning combination of classic smooth and creamy fudge and two layers of delicious pink and white coconut ice.  Divine.